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I keep forgetting about this blog and I’ve been using my personal blog more lately, so.
I also deleted every post I reblogged since I really won’t be using this blog again (the only reason I didn’t delete it is because I posted a few gifsets here). Anyway! If you’re interested, follow me there. :) x

Mr. Logan: Listen-
Lauren: Did you just pitch up from Mars?
Mr. Logan: Don’t be ridiculous.
Lauren: You know your house, right?
Mr. Logan: What?
Lauren: You know your house?
Mr. Logan: Yeah?
Lauren: Is it bigger on the inside?
Mr. Logan: Be quiet.
Lauren: Did you park the TARDIS on a meter?
Mr. Logan: Can we please get back to Shakespeare?
[Lauren pauses for a moment]
Mr. Logan: Thank you. So…
Lauren: Do you fancy Billie Piper, sir?

Lauren: Are you the Doctor?
Mr. Logan: Doctor who? … I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Lauren: You look like Doctor Who though!
Mr. Logan: I’m not Doctor Who, I’m your English teacher!
Lauren: I don’t think you are though…
Mr. Logan: Lauren-
Lauren: I think you’re a 945-year-old Time Lord.

Lauren: Sir?
Mr. Logan: Yeah?
Lauren: Are you English, sir?
Mr. Logan: No, Scottish.
Lauren: So you ain’t English then.
Mr. Logan: No, I’m British.
Lauren: So you ain’t English then.
Mr. Logan: No I’m not, but as you can see, I do speak English.
Lauren: But I can’t understand what you’re saying, sir.
Mr. Logan: Well, clearly you can.
Lauren: Sorry, are you talking Scottish now?
Mr. Logan: No, I’m talking English.
Lauren: Right. Don’t sound like it.